Moving During Wedding Planning? 5 Tips To Make It Work

Are you planning to move in with your new spouse at the same time as your wedding? Planning for a wedding and planning to move houses are both big events on their own. But some couples can't avoid having to handle them at the same time. What can help? Here are a few key moving tips to reduce stress and help keep your sanity.  

1. Give Yourself a Buffer

Schedule both the moving day and the wedding day as far apart as is feasible within your circumstances. Ideally, this should be up to a month apart. However, even a week or two will give you a chance to focus on one or the other. 

2. Outsource One or the Other

Both the move and wedding planning need your undivided attention at times. There are only so many hours in a day and so much energy you can put into anything. Give yourself a break by outsourcing what you can.

Most people are more concerned with wedding arrangements than they are with moving. So try to outsource moving tasks like packing, sorting, disassembly, transportation, final cleaning, and even storage. 

3. Consider a Partial Move

While most people dedicate one big day to moving houses, you can also break it up into more than one day to reduce stress. For instance, someone relocating close to the wedding day might move in their most necessary items, then move the rest when they get back from the honeymoon. On the other hand, you might want to first move what you don't need and then move your personal items right before the wedding day.  

4. Store Excess Things

Do you have a lot of DIY items or bulk purchases already filling up your home as you plan the wedding? If so, adding a bunch of furniture and boxes to the mix could be too much. In this case, consider using a moving company that offers storage as well. They can store your extra belongings until your home is no longer a wedding-planning war zone. 

5. Purge Beforehand

When two people move in together, they often end up with a number of excess items they don't want or need. Save yourself the extra work and stress of dealing with these unnecessary furnishings by getting rid of them in advance. Many moving companies can help by arranging for pick up and drop off services to donation locations, other people's homes, or even the landfill. 

Where to Start

Which of these tips could make both your moving project and your wedding day work even better? No matter how you apply them, you're sure to have more success and a happier time. Call a moving and storage company in your area today to learn more. 

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