The Top Reasons To Get A Landlord Lead Paint Safety Certificate

If you are a landlord, you have a lot of responsibilities that are legal and ethical-related. Tenants want to feel safe, and if there are safety issues that do not get addressed, it can have serious ramifications for landlords. Perhaps you are the landlord and owner of the property. Your dual role should be taken seriously, and you might be held at a higher level of accountability. 

Older properties often have outdated building materials that may pose safety risks. Lead paint is an example of a hazardous building material that might be present in older properties. It is wise for landlords to get a landlord lead paint safety certificate, regardless of whether they own or manage a property. The following points identify a few reasons it makes sense to get this professional certification.


Most landlords want to maintain good reputations. Sometimes a new landlord has to attempt to make things right when a previous landlord failed. This can help to diffuse existing issues. Having certifications that are related to safety can give tenants hope that their living conditions will improve. Landlords who have been managing properties for a while can benefit from certifications because it shows that they are aiming to take proactive steps to be better landlords. 


Landlords have to disclose when there is lead present in rental properties. Even if you do not own the property, you might be held liable for ensuring that tenants are aware that there is lead present. The owner of the property will need to ensure that it is inspected and documented. This usually involves getting the lead certification, too. However, owners who have hired landlords usually rely on the landlords to get documents signed and communicate with tenants. One of the most important documents that tenants sign is referred to as a lead-based paint disclosure form. You can protect yourself by ensuring that you have a foundational understanding of the document and how to answer tenant questions. This reduces or eliminates the possibility of tenants claiming not to have been informed. The government can fine landlords and owners thousands of dollars for compliance violations. 

Documentation and Resources

Certification will ensure that you know how to properly document the disclosure forms and update them as needed. It will also prepare you to find resources to give to tenants to inform them. You will also know how to properly document any renovations that involve removing lead-contaminated materials. A landlord lead safety training provider is a good resource to use to learn more reasons to get this professional training and certification.

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