How Do You File A Patent?

Do you have a great concept that you want to protect and prevent others from taking? You'll need to file a patent in order to protect it. Here is an overview of what you need to do in order to file a patent.

Know What Can Be Patented

The first thing to realize is that you cannot just patent an idea. It needs to be an invention that is for a machine, a process, or something that is manufactured. The invention being protected with the patent must have a purpose or solve some sort of problem. The patent cannot defy nature either, since it must be something that can actually be constructed. You can build a prototype to prove that it is something that can be made, but it is not necessary.

Research Existing Patents

Now that you have a solid idea of what you want to patent, you'll need to do a patent search to determine if someone has not already thought of your invention first. It is possible that a patent for your invention already exists, but the idea has not been produced yet in a way that you have seen. In this situation, you would not be able to file a patent for the invention that you wanted to protect.

File An Application

Now you should be ready to file an application for your patent. However, there are three different types of patent applications to pick from. The ones you are most likely to use are known as utility and design patents. A utility patent will cover something that can be manufactured or a machine. A design patent covers how your invention looks. For example, you may have the idea for a specific design of a toothbrush, even though a toothbrush is a concept that already exists. 

Consider working with a patent management service to help guide you through the process, which will ensure that mistakes are not made along the way. It will provide you with the best chance of making sure that your patent is not rejected

Wait For Acceptance

All that is left to do after your patent is filed is to wait. The patent office is going to review your application, determine if the invention can be patented, and look for similar patents in their database that can cause yours to be disqualified. If everything is good, you'll be granted a patent and need to pay the appropriate fees to claim your invention as your own.

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