Why Hire A Boutique Production Company For Your Next Video

Do you have a need to make a video for your business, but you are not sure what kind of company to go with to get the job done? If so, you should consider hiring a boutique production company. You'll find that they'll do a great job for the following reasons.

Smaller Crew Size

A boutique production company is naturally going to be a lot smaller than what you'd expect when doing a full-scale production. This means that there is going to be a much smaller crew wearing many hats during the production itself. This can be a great fit for your production because the overall crew footprint is going to be much smaller than using a full-scale production company.

For example, you may want to capture a live event that you are hosting on video so that you can use the footage for promotional material. A boutique production company is going to be more familiar with the run-and-gun style production that is going to be necessary so that it is not disruptive to your live event. They'll be able to blend in with the crowd and capture more candid moments, rather than feel like a disruption to the event. 

Cheaper Cost

The other benefit of having a small crew size is that it is going to significantly reduce your production costs. Since many production crew members wear many hats, you would be paying to have a separate camera operator, director, and creative director to get the job done. That person will likely play all three roles in the production process, which will ensure that your creative director is getting the exact shots that they want since they are operating the camera.

Fewer Cooks In The Kitchen

Sometimes it can be better to hire a production company that is smaller since there will be fewer people involved throughout the entire production process. You are hiring someone for their expertise in content production, and the last thing you want is for responsibilities to be delegated to other crew members. If the same small crew is involved in your production from start to finish, it ensures that the vision that is sold to you during the bidding process will be what you will get with the finished product. This will make the whole process more seamless and your final product that much better, because everyone will be on board with your vision.

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