Invest in Memorabilia That Contains Authentic Signatures

If you have been listening to the same classic rock band for years and own some original photos, concert advertisements, and clothing that promotes the performers, acquiring vintage autographs may be your next quest. Because there are people who try to take advantage of others and pass off autographs as authentic, use some strategies to aid in locating items that are worth the amount of money that is being sought by a seller.

Go Public

A private sale may be legitimate and well worth the investment, but you may want to start with a sale that is being mainstreamed since more people will be behind the sale of a particular item and the advertising for a sale may be professional and contain vital details.

A public sale can include an auction, a certified hobby shop, or a musical promotion business that is raising funds for a particular cause. A vintage autograph could be written on a piece of paper, a concert ticket, a performance program, or a musical item that is symbolic of the classic rock band and their particular style.

Before attending an event that will be featuring signed items, research the average selling price for an autograph of any of the band members. Past sales that are posted online or through a collectors group will give you an idea of how much money you may be charged for a similar product.

Inspect the Quality

Before you make a deal with a seller, inspect the quality of the item that is being sold. Some subtle clues will indicate whether a signature is valid. While you researched items that have sold in the past, you were likely presented with some pictures of a musical artist's penmanship. This information will aid in comparing autographs that are currently for sale.

Natural handwriting is often fluid and will not contain any signs of shakiness. Handwriting won't be perfect, however, and you should be able to notice inconsistencies with the size or shape of the letters as they are grouped. If a stamped signature is used, it will look too perfect and the ink amount will be uniform.

Bring a magnifying glass along with you and use this to enlarge each autograph. If you are certain that you are being presented with an authentic vintage autograph and you would like to add it to your collection of memorabilia, purchase a frame to store the signed item and display it on a wall in your home.

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