3 Major Ways An Agriculture Cloud ERP Saves You Money

Enterprise resource planning tools are the modern one-stop-shop to a business's accounting, human resources, supply chain management, logistics, customer relationship management needs, and more. ERPs are must-have agriculture and grain milling industry solutions for managing the daily aspects of the business and forecasting its future.

In this article, you'll discover how an agriculture cloud ERP tool saves your business money and helps you scale.

Better Customer Service 

A business without customers is just a hobby. In the digital age, customers are demanding more access and transparency from the companies they spend their dollars with. In 2020 and beyond, customer service is what will separate the good companies from the great ones. The proof lies in the fact that 73% of customers claim good customer experiences influence their purchasing decisions and brand loyalty. This is true even if your business deals primarily with other businesses. Shockingly, customers will continue to work with a business with superior service but subpar products, which means your competitors can outsell you by offering better customer experiences.

ERPs give you that edge back by providing a database for each of your customers, allowing you to personalize their experience. The CRM and supply chain management feature keeps you informed of any unique costs or savings that will ultimately pass onto the customer. 

Saves Crop Loss

Grain industry cloud ERP solutions allow you to plan your crop's space, fertilization, pesticide cycles, and revenue. Crop loss accounts for nearly $750 billion a year. These losses happen post harvest or along the supply chain due to plant pathogens, weather, or waste. Using cloud-based software means you track the state of your grow from anywhere including taking photos while out in the field and uploading them to your database. 

With supply chain management and forecasting capabilities, you can plan your seasons according to your crops' own historical data. Crop-loss can happen at different times for many reasons. The right ERP can assist you with predicting changes and mitigating any potential damage as well as reducing unnecessary losses.

Save on Software-as-a-Service Options

Enterprise software is not cheap. It's a powerhouse of data and analytics that helps industry titans maintain a competitive edge. For onsite options, the initial cost of customization, installation, and implementation may be out of reach for small-to-medium sized businesses. However, with the advent of cloud-based ERP solutions, the overhead is greatly reduced.

Cloud-based solutions routinely have a monthly subscription service that doesn't require purchasing new hardware or hiring new staff to run. Also, cloud services are made to scale with your business as it grows, allowing you to purchase as much or as little cloud storage as you need. This makes it an ideal choice for those emerging in the industry.

Agriculture cloud ERP tools are a new-age technology solution for an industry as old as civilization. Step into the digital world with a cloud enterprise resource planning tool that gives you a macro and micro look at your business. Plan the future of your business by contacting a consultant today.

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