3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Painting Company for Your Home

When it is time to paint your house, there are several ways to go about it. One obvious way is to do the work yourself. But, there are many reasons you may not want to paint your own house. Your next step is to look for a low-cost solution. This may be a local handyman or one-man painting company with perhaps an assistant.

There are also many good reasons to hire a residential painting service. The following are a few of them.

They will do prep work

One of the hallmarks of doing a quality painting job on a house, inside or outside, is the prep work. It's not enough to simply slap a coat of paint over the old surface. Wood surfaces must be inspected to determine if any sanding needs to be done. Stucco may need to be repaired before paint can be applied. Interior walls may also require sanding, but holes, even small ones, may need patching. Of course, all of this takes time, and this extra time is not something the cheap painters are willing to do. A professional company will take the time to do the prep work properly, and the quality of the finished job will be apparent.

They will have the right equipment

There are several ways to paint, and which piece of equipment is used will depend upon the surface that is being painted, as well as other factors. Cheap painters often take a one size fits all approach and use one piece of equipment on everything. This may be paint rollers, spray guns, or brushes. You want a painting company that uses a variety of equipment depending upon the particular job or surface of the house. Using the right equipment will make the completed job look more attractive.

You are protecting yourself from a lawsuit

It may not occur to you that a person working on your property could get hurt, but it does happen. And when it happens, your homeowners policy may not cover a claim. Workers on your property are subcontractors, and they are your responsibility. The issue becomes more critical when someone is painting your home. They will likely need a ladder for a portion of the work, even on a single-story house. Professional companies will always carry workers' compensation insurance for their employees. If someone is hurt, the claim will be on the painting company's insurance policy.

You have invested a lot of money in your house; it doesn't pay to go the cheap route when painting your home. Instead of hiring a handyman or other low-cost painter, you should hire a professional residential painting services company. They will do the proper prep work and paint with the proper equipment. The finished work will be of high quality, and workers on your property will be covered by insurance.

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