Are You Gifting Your Best Friend with a Tarot Reading for Their Milestone Birthday? 3 Ways to Give Them an Amazing Experience

Whether your best friend is turning 20 or 70, a milestone birthday is often a time of serious self-reflection. As their birthday nears, your friend may be remembering what it was like in the past, or they may be trying to decide what they want to accomplish over the next decade. Either way, a tarot reading is a fun way to jumpstart your friend's birthday by doing something that they might not have ever done before. As you get ready to gift your friend with a unique experience, try using these three tips to help them get as much as they can from the tarot card reading.

Encourage Them to Participate in the Session

If your friend has never had a reading before, then they may be unaware of how it works. While many psychic readings are done without asking the participant too many questions, a tarot reading requires more involvement. Your friend might want to start their reading off by asking a specific question that helps the reader to analyze the cards using the right direction. They may also need to provide information that helps the reader to take the reading deeper. Taking the viewpoint that the cards are there to help fill in the gaps of the story allows your friend to glean as much information as they can during the reading.

Remind Them to Keep an Open Mind

The card reader needs an exchange of energy to take place for the best results. Even if your friend is a skeptic, they'll get a better reading if they remain open to the experience. This openness should also apply to accepting whatever the cards and reader may say. Often, the real insights come later when your friend has time to reflect. For instance, they may wonder why the cards keep pointing toward travel during the reading until they get home and remember an upcoming business trip. 

Plan to Do Your Readings Separately

You and your best friend may love to share your secrets. However, you want your friend's first reading to be all about them. Offer to sit outside the reading room while your friend has their cards read, and then take your turn if you also want to do one. This allows your friend to be more open with the reader, and it will help to keep your energies from interfering with each other's readings. Afterward, you can compare notes since this is also a fun way to gain more insight into what you've been told.

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