Never Deal With Flat Beer Again

Homebrewing can be an economical way to create personally crafted beers that can be enjoyed at your leisure. Although bottling beer is one of the methods most often used after the brewing process, some people choose to sip their beer immediately from a large mug. If you will be using a pitcher to transfer the beer to your drinkware, imagine the disappointment if you do not consume the beverage in its entirety, allowing the beer to get flat and taste stale at a later date.

A Pressurized Container Will Preserve Beverages

Carbonation occurs when carbon dioxide is turned into a liquid state. Carbonation is what gives beer and soft drinks their fizzy quality. CO2 growlers are pressurized containers that prevent air from coming into contact with a liquid. As a result, a fizzy beverage will maintain its quality, allowing an end user to enjoy an entire batch of an alcoholic beverage without worrying about an unpleasant taste coming into play.

A growler contains a stainless steel surface and may include a personal-sized tap. Think of one as a mini keg. Each one is portable and lightweight enough to bring along to an outside party or venue, yet classy enough to keep on top of a counter or bar inside of a residence.

A growler will make the perfect addition to any gathering that is going to involve drinking alcohol. If you have been anxious to share your brewing capabilities with some of your friends, but have been turned off by the thought of pouring beer that will lose its sudsy appeal soon afterward, a growler may be an item that will aid you in your endeavors.

A Growler Can Be Used For Any Type Of Carbonated Beverage

What if you tend to brew multiple varieties of beer, each with their own distinct taste or how about if you plan on serving soda at your next party? You realize that when you head to a tavern, anything that is on tap is going to be fully carbonated when it is poured into a glass. If you purchase several growlers, you can use each one for a different beer or soda variety and the quality level of the beverages will be on par with what you would expect at a tavern.

Consider lining them across your personal bar or setting them on a table that is going to be used to serve guests. Purchase plenty of plastic cups for everyone to use. Provide a brief demonstration, which includes depressing one of the tap handles while your cup is underneath the spigot. Afterward, invite all of your guests to enjoy the array of beverages that you have supplied.

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