How to Avoid a Speeding Ticket

Posted speed limits help regulate the flow of traffic and keep everyone on the road safe. By following posted speed limits, drivers protect themselves, their passengers and the other drivers around them. That's a perfect world, however. In the real world, a driver might be late for an appointment, be dealing with an emergency or be trying to keep up with the flow of drivers speeding around them. Speeding drivers are subject to being pulled over by the police and ticketed.

Here are some ways to avoid detection if you're in a situation where you must speed. 

Watch for Speed Traps

Keep an eye on posted speed limit signs. If there's a sudden drop in the posted limit, you can bet there's likely a police officer around the corner looking for people not following the rules. If the speed limit decreases abruptly, follow the posted sign. You also can find apps that will help you identify speed traps in your area or report them to other drivers. 

Pay Attention to Other Drivers

You always should be aware of the other drivers around you and remain alert for sudden slowdowns caused by construction, rush hour or an accident. Occasionally, however, traffic will slow for no detectable reason. Don't use this opportunity to zip around the cars in front of you. Maybe the other drivers noticed a police officer with a radar detector. If you see a sudden slowdown, you should slow down, too. You might notice drivers traveling in the opposite direction flashing their high beams. This sometimes serves as a warning to other drivers that a police officer is ahead. 

Get to Know Your Route

If you drive the same route to school or work day after day, you'll likely begin to notice that police officers have favorite spots to sit and monitor traffic. Once you become aware of those favorite spots, be sure you're not speeding as you approach them. 

Beware of Hills

Avoid the urge to race over the crest of a hill Dukes of Hazard style. Police offers often wait at the bottom of a hill on the road where they'll be impossible to spot by drivers speeding up the hill. 

Purchase a Radar Detector

Radar detectors mounted in your car absolutely will help you avoid detection by the police when you're speeding. But even the best radar detector can't help you in the face of a police officer using laser detection. Use your radar detector, but don't completely rely on it. 

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