Did You Just Fire Up Your Grandmother's Old Sewing Machine? 3 Signs That It Needs Repairs

There is something about sewing on your grandmother's machine that just feels right. Knowing that someone close to you enjoyed spending many hours using the sewing machine makes it feel like an honor to press on the pedal, and it is natural to want to preserve it as an important part of your family history. However, sewing machines can sometimes be challenging to use if they have been allowed to sit for a while or if you lack experience with using one. Now that you've started up your grandmother's sewing machine, you can look for these three signs that it needs professional sewing machine repair services before you tackle a special project.

You Hear Strange Noises

Sewing machines have a motor and other moving parts that can begin to make odd noises if they are having trouble operating properly. For the most part, a sewing machine should make a normal hum that is simply the various components moving together to make stitches. Listen for odd knocks, groans, squeals and other noises that sound out of place. Then, make sure to mention these when you bring it in for sewing machine repairs since they can sometimes indicate what the problem is.

The Thread Keeps Snarling

Snarled thread on the top or the bottom of the fabric that you are sewing could just be an issue with the tension settings. Start by checking the owner's manual of the machine that you are using, if you have one, to make sure that the tension is set for the type of fabric and thread that you are using. In some cases, you may need to make minor adjustments until it works just right. If you still find that the thread continues to snarl, then there may be an internal issue affecting the tension settings. A sewing machine repair shop can correct the issue and show you how to make sure that the tension is set correctly.

The Fabric Doesn't Feed Properly

The feed dogs on sewing machines are vulnerable to clogs from fabric that build up over time. Fabric that doesn't feed could just mean that the machine needs a thorough cleaning, especially if the last projects sewed on it used fabrics that are known for shedding fibers, such as fleece or wool. If cleaning around the bobbin case does not cause the fabric to feed correctly, then there could be fibers stuck in other parts of the machine that need to be removed by an expert. It is also possible that the feed dogs have been damaged. Depending upon the age and model of the machine, these could be replaced as part of the sewing machine repairs.

Contact a company that offers sewing machine repairs in order to learn more.

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