Commemorating A Team Win: A Unique Way To Do It

When you have a sports team that has just had the season nobody wants and nobody ever wants to see again, your team might be really down in the dumps. If you win a game after losing so many, you kind of want to celebrate. In fact, you need to celebrate that win to boost morale and lift team spirits. You could do that with a pizza party, but you really need something more unique. Here is one option, and what you can do with it, that might just be the perfect way to commemorate a team win and encourage your team to keep trying. 

The Military Challenge Coin

These coins were first created and minted during WWI. They were given to brave men who served their country in the face of extraordinary challenges and survived. They were also given to men who did not feel quite as brave in order to encourage them to find their pluck and charge the enemy. Now, these coins are minted for any company or business for any reason. Usually, that reason is to celebrate, or to encourage, or to unite and mark a moment in time with a group of people. Your team absolutely could benefit from this single win this season by marking it with a military challenge coin. 

Designing Your Military Challenge Coin

There are many military challenge coin designers. You only have to hire one, explain what has happened to your team this year, and that one game that really turned the tables and made a difference. The designer will take all of your information and the pertinent facts you want to incorporate into your coin, and create a couple of designs for you. When the designs are complete, you can pick and choose what you like from the designs to create the coin. Then order "x" number of coins to be minted from your choice of metals for every member of your team. 

Presenting the Coins

You can either present the coins at an end-of-season banquet, or give them to your team members right before the next big game. It may just be enough of a reminder that they have had a tough season, but they do know how to play and fight a good game. If you see everyone looking down in the dumps, bring out these coins and hand them round. Then wait to see what happens next.

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