3 Reasons Your Warehouse Should Switch To Metal Detectable Pens

Pens are a staple in any business setting. For businesses that handle food products on a regular basis, the loss of a pen can be dangerous.

Food items can easily become contaminated by the ink that is in traditional pens, and no consumer wants to discover a pen in his or her food packaging. The solution is simple- make the switch to metal detectable pens.

1. Easy to Locate

One of the benefits that metal detectable pens offer is the ability to easily locate any pen that has been lost. These specialty pens are constructed using metals that have unique properties. A metal detectable pen can be located using a magnet, x-ray imaging, or a traditional metal detector.

There will be no excuse for stray pens to end up in your packaging when food products leave the warehouse when your employees are using metal detectable pens.

2. Diverse Writing Capabilities

Your employees will encounter many different materials when working in a warehouse setting. Finding a pen that can write effectively on each of these materials can be a real challenge. Detectable pens are designed to offer diverse writing capabilities.

In addition to writing smoothly on paper, a detectable pen can write on glass, metal, or plastic. These pens can even write on substances that are covered with grease, giving your employees the ability to clearly and accurately mark all food products moving through your warehouse in the future.

3. Contamination Prevention

Contamination is a serious concern in warehouses that handle food products. Any cross-contamination that occurs within a warehouse could result in consumer illness. An outbreak of illness that can be traced back to your warehouse could end up costing your company in lawsuits and legal fees.

Detectable pens are designed to be antimicrobial. If they are dropped during use, they will not attract and carry any bacteria or germs that might lead to the contamination of food products within your warehouse. This feature alone makes the addition of detectable pens to your warehouse's stationery arsenal a good idea.

Employees in a warehouse setting always need access to a writing instrument. If your warehouse handles any food products, you need to ensure that your writing instruments are not posing a threat to the safety of your facility.

Metal detectable pens can greatly enhance the efficiency, safety, and productivity of your warehouse. Consider making the switch to detectable pens when purchasing stationery for your warehouse in the future.

For more information, contact a company such as Detectapro.

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