3 Tips To Improve Telephonic Interpreting Services

Thanks to the accessibility of the internet, companies of all sizes are doing business on a global scale. Along with the benefits that international business offers, it can present some unique communication challenges. Speaking with customers and vendors in another country may require the use of an interpreter.

Small companies that don't have the budget to hire a full-time interpreter can benefit from telephonic interpreting services. Use these three tips to ensure you are doing your part to make telephonic interpreting as streamlined as possible on your next conference call.

1. Test All Equipment Before the Call

The quality of your communication equipment can have a direct impact on your interpreting services. You want the interpreter to be able to hear each participant clearly so that no information gets lost in translation.

Ensure that all microphones and headsets are working properly, that there is no feedback interfering with speakers, and that sound quality is high before you place your conference call. This quick quality check will greatly improve the accuracy and ease of your telephonic interpretation services in the future.

2. Keep Comments Short

Once you have been connected to both the interpreter and your customer or vendor, you will need to keep your comments short. The interpreter will wait until you have finished speaking before translating your comment into a language your customer or vendor can understand.

By keeping your comments brief and to the point, you reduce the risk that the interpreter will forget to pass along something that you have said.

3. Brief the Interpreter Beforehand

It can be very beneficial to have a short meeting with the interpreter before you add a customer or vendor to the call. This meeting can be used to brief the interpreter on the purpose of the conference call.

Having access to this information will give the interpreter some context with which to evaluate the comments being shared between you and your customer or vendor. The context can make it easier for the interpreter to do his or her job, which will ensure better communication through the telephone between you and your international associates in the future.

Taking advantage of telephonic interpreting services is an affordable way to ensure you are able to tap into the global market. Do your part to ensure the quality of the communication between you and the interpreter so that your conference calls will go smoothly.

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