Tips To Help Your Staff Members Represent Your Makeup Company In A Professional Manner

If you own a private makeup company and your sales representatives often hold demonstrations at rental halls and visit clients homes and businesses to give them information about new products that are for sale, your employees should represent your company in a professional manner to assist with gaining customers and keeping current ones satisfied. Use the tips below to help your representatives do a good job. 

Create Brochures And Add Folder Inserters

Colorful brochures that describe products and list ingredients that each one is made of will help people determine if they would like to purchase one of the items featured. After creating a brochure, have several copies of it made. Purchase folder inserters and use the inserters to separate sections in the brochures. Give one brochure to each sales representative. When a representative is holding a demonstration or talking to a client at their home or business, they can quickly access various parts of the brochure by using the inserters as a guide.

No longer will sales representatives need to fumble around or flip through countless pages to find a particular product. Instead, they can confidently describe products to people and can locate a product with precision if an individual would like to view a picture of it or learn more information about it. 

Offer Samples And Provide Makeovers

Prepare sample kits for your sales staff so that they can offer people samples of the products that interest them and individuals will not need to worry about investing money upfront until they are sure they will be pleased with a particular makeup item.

During demonstrations in which several people are listening to one of the sales representatives as they describe the makeup line and some of the benefits associated with using particular products, makeovers can be offered free at charge. For instance, a representative can ask if anyone in the audience would be interested in having makeup applied to their face. If so, the representative can use some of the samples in their kit to transform the person's face. 

Hand Out Business Cards And Order Forms

Order business cards for each of your representatives. The cards should have each employee's name, business name, and direct contact number printed on them. Instruct the representatives to carry a stack of cards with them whenever they will be meeting with potential clients.

Provide the representatives with plenty of order forms as well. During appointments, sales staff can hand out the cards and forms so that people can contact a staff member and place an order when they would like to. 

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